What type of warranty does Zgo Technologies equipment carry?

Warranty information specific to a given SKU is included on each Product Details page.

Is my monitor compatible with Zgo Technologies monitor arms?

The first thing you’ll need to find out is if your existing monitor has a VESA compliant mount. You can search the monitor specifications and find if it is VESA compliant. Alternatively, simply check behind the monitor for the VESA mounting holes, they are hidden behind the monitor but not a part of the stand.

The mounting pattern must be either 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm.

If you find out your monitor isn’t VESA compliant, you can find aftermarket brackets that you can add to your monitor.  As they do add weight to monitor please be sure the total weight stays within the capacity of the arm.

Is my desk / worksurface compatible with Zgo Technologies monitor arms?

Step 1: Check the desk / worksurface thickness.
The range for the clamps must be between 0.6in-2inches. The smaller brackets have a range for 0.60in-1.25in and the larger brackets have a range of 1.25in-2.00in thick surfaces

Step 2: Check the desk / worksurface for clamping depth.
In order for the monitor arm base to have adequate clamping to your surface; the legs of the brackets must fully remain in contact with the underside of the surface. Therefore there must be 3in of clearence before any vertical obstruction.

Will my computer work with Zhub?

The USB ports on ZHub work with all laptops. The HDMI ports only work with laptops that support HDMI Alt Mode. Check with your laptop manufacturer to see if your model of laptop supports HDMI Alt Mode.

Will Zhub charge my laptop?

To make ZHub charge your laptop you must connect it to a USB Type C power supply (not included). Also, your laptop must accept a charge over USB Type C. Check with your laptop manufacturer to see if your model of laptop supports charging over USB Type C.

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